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OFNA TS2sc 2WD RTR Short Course Truck

When the short course segment took over RC a few years ago, OFNA was a popular choice for the 4WD class (I still race one). The majority of the action was in the 2WD classes, but 4WD was emerging and Associated and Losi didn’t offer 4WD platforms yet. Many racers turned to OFNA (and its sister company Jammin’) for 4WD. We mention all of this because it sets up why we’re pleasantly surprised to see OFNA take on 2WD with its new TS2sc. This new platform is offered as a RTR with a 2.4GHz radio system. The motor is a sealed can 15-turn motor, so those with racing aspirations will eventually want to upgrade, but fun-seeking bashers should have enough speed to keep up with their bashing buddies. The rear axles are universals which is nice to see. The main chassis is molded composite plastic. The differential is a ball-type diff which is nice for racing and we are very happy to see large diameter aluminum shocks. Everybody in RC likes to hop-up their ride, so it’s worth noting that a variety of option parts are already listed as soon to be available.



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  1. Seems like the 2wd SCT racing is more popular. I had an SC10 and it was fun but when I drove a 4wd it handled better..obviously. I want another one but im not sure which one I want now. 2WD or 4WD? Losi, Ofna, Team Durango?? So many decisions lol

    1. 4WD is certainly the fastest growing class as far as participants go and it has buzz on its side with big names releases in the class. That said, 2WD seems to be holding its own across the board.

  2. I like the looks of the truck – but I’m digging those tires the most. Look like they would hook up great on carpet.

  3. I really wanna get another SCT Im just torn on which one to get. I wanna get into course racing this year/next year

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