U-Review: IMEX Puller Clod Buster Tires

Many of you have known about IMEX and its line of tires, parts and even vehicles for many years. IMEX’s tires–specifically truck tires–are what really put IMEX on the map, and there’s one specific tire that I use for my Tamiya Clod Buster. The tires in question are the Pullers. These are also known as Road Dawg as that’s what’s on the sidewall, but other tires from IMEX have these name on them and these are widely known as the Pullers. Regardless of what you call them, these are designed to fit on 2.6-inch Clod Buster rims. The Pullers are very popular with Clod Buster fans and also poplar with Clod Buster racers as this tire allows you to pull and race on a variety of different kinds of terrain from dirt to clay to sand to carpet. As a Clod Buster racer myself, I use this tire for racing and truck pulling. It’s unique design and good quality works well for me. These tires–once out of production–are now readily available for approximately $70 for two pairs. The Puller tires have proven to be great to use for racing on carpet and loose dirt. I give them high marks for handling and durability.James Ferguson, Maryland


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  1. Im glad Imex decided to bring these back out again, along with the Bajas. At least it give us Clod guys more tire options for racing.

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