Truck of the Week: 10/14/2012 Axial SCX10

We’ve seen this truck in person and it’s one of our favorites. Not only is this Axial SCX10 a good looking machine, but it gets used–it’s no shelf queen. It’s owned by our friend John Matrishon, and he takes it up to Skinner Mountain in South Hadley, MA as often as his busy schedule allows. John runs an Integy 55-turn crawler motor with Novak Rooster Crawler Edition speed control. The Tamiya Toyota High Lift body is outfitted with SDI (Scale Designs International) fender flares and accompanied by rock sliders, body mounts and internal body reinforcements that were all homemade. The RC truck rolls on RC4WD 1.9 Military beadlock rims and Trail Buster tires. Future plans include a new bumper with a stinger and a winch. You know got his build right when he sums up the truck as “It’s just fun to drive!”


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  1. Yo, Matt! You bet it’s fun to drive! It’s been such a busy summer I might just have to walk to the top of Skinner for a final season run. The summer has been a tough one and I could use the diversion. Thanks for sharing! I actually have a stinger on it now, but have a whole new trick bumper planned that will double as a body mount giving me funny car access!
    Hang tight for the Frankenstorm!

    1. Hi, bud. Would love to get together soon with some crawlers. May even plan a winter snow crawl in a few months when the snow starts to fly–bring your winches and tow straps

  2. Western Mass squeaked out clean with only wind damage, whew. Other were not so lucky, my heart goes out to them.

    did you notice the Jeep in the background? I’ll see if I can get Chris to send you some pics!! (next month…)

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