Traxxas Helicopters

This should come as no surprise to anyone in the industry and really shouldn’t surprise too many enthusiasts either. Seems like a natural, and I have been asking Traxxas for years when they were going to come out with some RC helicopters.

Traxxas has released two RC helicopters. One is a “standard” heli, but has counter-rotating/coaxial blades which means anyone who has enough coordination ┬áto scratch their head can be a master pilot in minutes. This model is called the DR-1 (dual rotor) and is model number 6308. The radio is 2.4GHz and features a Normal Mode and an Expert Mode for those with more skills. Some of the coolest aspects about Traxxas’ new DR-1 are the aluminum frame, skids and boom. The 1S (single cell) 450mAh LiPo battery is included as is a USB port powered charger. The rotors have a 8.7 inch (220mm) diameter and the DR-1 is 8.9 inches (225mm) long.

The second heli is a quad-blade futuristic model and is called the QR-1. this too should be easy to fly. The QR stands for quad rotor and the model number is 6208. The QR-1 includes two batteries and that are charged via a dual battery charger (also included).

What is surprising about these releases is that they’ll be offered with and without transmitters.

Learn more here.

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  1. the quad is interesting, in expert mode it pull off flips/rolls. and a decent price. but i want to see some aftermarket bodies, something crazy like a ufo or the millenium falcon

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