U-Review: Parma Ford Raptor SVT

Many of you have known about Parma for years as this company is specifically well known for its bodies, paints and accessory items. If you’re hardcore, you know Parma is a king in the slot car world. Wise to the segment being huge, Parma has recently been increasing its number of short course truck body offerings. One in particular is the Ford SVT Raptor. This body looks very scale and designed to be used for the Traxxas Slash, but can be modified for other short course trucks such as the HPI Blitz. What makes this body different from typical short course bodies is the scale looks and specially the molded-in spare tire sitting in the back of bed. This body can be used for racing, but I like to use it for bashing around as it looks just like the actual truck. I give this body high marks for looks and durability.James Ferguson, Maryland


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