OFNA TS4 Pro 4×4 Short Course Truck

This RC truck looks pretty dialed. The 4WD class is incredibly competitive, but the new OFNA TS4 Pro 4×4 is well equipped with features such as an aluminum chassis, universal drive shafts (even the center shafts), three sealed differentials, over-sized threaded aluminum shocks and sway bars.


The truck comes 80% assembled and includes a clear body, wheels and tires.


Learn more here.

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  1. That is pretty sick…I said before I am about to venture into the short course world very soon. Im looking at Losi and Team Durango but this one is very very nice. Alot of nice choices out there now and even Tekno is releasing a SCT soon to go with the EB48 Buggy. Im glad there are so many choices out there now but its gonna be tough to make a decision lol.

  2. Has OFNA and Team C entered into some type of agreement? I see the Team C TS2 and now the TS4 are both being sold under the OFNA banner. Same exact vehicles, except if you buy them under the Team C label they are cheaper. I wonder what the story is.

  3. I run Team C 2wd buggies and the shocks shown above are the same ones that come on the EVO Pro buggies. Hands down some of the best shocks I have ever run. Good stuff!

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