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Pin Shop Hobbies All Out Fall Out Endurance Race

What is this? Simply defined, the All Out Fall Out Endurance Race is an endurance race. But, the reason we are featuring a local race such as this at RC Truck Stop is that it’s a great example of adding some variety to, well, ordinary old RC racing. Pin Shop Hobbies in Oakville, CT hosts an endurance annually as the outdoors season comes to an end. It’s one of the most popular racers held in area and one that racers look forward to for months.

This year, the endurance race consisted of two 200 lap segments and was limited to short course vehicles only. Teams consisted of three drivers and were required to field a 17.5-turn 2WD short course vehicle, a modified 2WD entry and a 4WD Open truck. Each 200 lap segment was scored independently. Think of it as a two race point series. First in each race was worth 100, second worth 99 and so on.

The format used is certainly interesting and requires teams to put down fast laps, make quick driver/vehicle changes and do everything they can to not break. The three classes were run in order (17.5, Mod, 4WD Open) and each round was eight minutes long. So, after eight minutes, a horn blew, and a rapid driver and vehicle switch was executed. The faster you made your pit stop to switch drivers and trucks, the faster you could get back out on the track turning laps.

Ten team competed, and the first round was won handily by Team 42 who kept required off-track repairs to a minimum  and set a blistering pace.


  1. Team 42 — 100 pts.
  2. Reverse Oreo — 99
  3. Hacksters — 98
  4. Lay off the Pipe — 97
  5. Messy Doctors — 96
  6. AARP — 95
  7. Team Evil — 94
  8. RCHR Boys — 93
  9. 3 Fast 3 Furious — 92
  10. Young Guns — 91

Round 2 turned out to be essentially a repeat of round 1, but the racing was a bit closer. Team 42 once again came out on top, but had only a three lap lead after 200 laps were run.


  1. Team 42 — 100 pts.
  2. Hacksters — 99
  3. Lay off the Pipe — 98
  4. Reverse Oreo — 97
  5. Team Evil — 96
  6. AARP — 95
  7. RCHR Boys — 94
  8. Messy Doctors — 93
  9. Young Guns — 92
  10. 3 fast 3 Furious — 91

While everyone was racing to win and the racing was very enjoyable, the highlight of the event could have easily been the food that Pin Shop Hobbies orchestrated to have on hand for the participants. In between the two rounds of racing, a massive spread consisting of BBQ that was cooked onsite and a variety of homemade goods were dished out. After everyone was well fed, racing resumed and, as stated above, Team 42 was the clear overall victor with wins in both rounds. The two resulting ties were broken by total overall laps completed.

Team 42 consisted of Tom Epting, Kyle Rhodes and Zack Hubeny. Team 42 was named as a tribute to fellow local racer and RC Truck Stop contributor Steve Semeraro who passed away in 2012. Steve used the number 42 on all sorts of race vehicles from RC to full-size.



  1. Team 42 — 200 total pts.
  2. Hacksters — 197
  3. Reverse Oreo — 196
  4. Lay off the Pipe — 195
  5. Team Evil — 190
  6. AARP — 190
  7. Messy Doctors — 189
  8. RCHR — 187
  9. Young Guns — 183
  10. 3 Fast 3 Furious — 183


Pin Shop Hobbies
GAHodge Photography

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Photos by Gary Hodge of GAHodge Photography
Trophy photos by Pin Shop Hobbies 

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