Chris’ Top 5 Choices for 2013 Wish List

The end of 2012 is before us. While many of us get into the holiday season, the new year of 2013 is also right around the corner. So for us RC fanatics, it’s around this time of year we like to see and seek out whats new and exciting for the new year … and, of course, make our wish lists. Here is my top five choices for  my own personal 2013 wish list:

The new DR-1 (Dual Rotor)  and QR-1 (Quad Rotor) helicopters are no doubt going to be on the wish list of hundreds of people around the avionics side of RC. Thanks goes out to Traxxas for literally stepping out the their comfort zone. Traxxas is practically a household name and is better known for land and water vehicles, but have now taken to the sky. This will help make even the most ground-only Traxxas enthusiast think twice about nottaking flight. With helicopters like these, they are sure to be fun to fly.


Only in a Jeep. Well, at least this time around.  Axial has joined forces with Jeep and created the SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Announced previously on RC Truck Stop and now fully reviewed here as well, this SCX10 design is about as cool and scale in an RTR as you can get. This winter and eventual spring thaw will undoubtedly be a great debut time to have some serious fun with an Axial SCX10 Jeep. Come on, Santa, I’ve been real good this year!


For some of us, the winter can be long and cold. Not everyone can run outside to get the RC fix they need. Indoor tracks are cool, but what about those days you just want to have fun at home? The Losi 1/24-scale micro series have always been a great choice. This new 1/24 Micro Truggy is sure to get you your indoor RC fix. It looks just like the 1/8-scale version, but is small enough to have your own world championship in your living room.


Time for a toolbox item. I know the Duratrax FlashPoint temp gauge isn’t “new,” but it’s sure popular among most RC folks I’ve had the pleasure of chin wagging with. This inexpensive temp gauge is accurate and useable for both nitro and electric applications.  Nitro engine and brushless electric motors aren’t the only thing you can temp. Try your batteries and, in some situations track surface conditions. This handy battery-life-friendly temp gauge is a must.


Bring yourself back to the really early ’90’s. After the popular Tamiya Clod Buster was released, its cousin, the Bullhead, was unveiled with its semi truck style body over the Clod Buster frame and drivetrain. One key highlight of that time was the available chrome rims which were a plain white color on the stock Clod. Well, if you missed this hidden in the shadows icon in RC history, this year is your year and you can buy one again. Tamiya turned the “rerelease” machine on again and the the Bullhead sneaked its way out. It’s the coolest twist Tamiya has given the Clod chassis to date.





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