RPM Hybrid Gearbox Housing Kit

The Magnum 272 transmission is used on a variety of Traxxas’ electric 2WD vehicles such as the Slash, Stampede, Rustler and more. While this transmission has served this platform well for years, there is–like anything–room for improvement. RPM has a new Hybrid Gearbox Housing Kit. The setup includes a new housing with a 3mm 6061 T6 aluminum motor plate and separate rear suspension arm mounts. The main housing pieces are molded in RPM’s well know, durable proprietary Nylon blend. The rear arm mounts are also molded Nylon and 0° & 3° rear mounts are included. The kits are available in black, blue and green.

The transmission is completed using the stock internals (or aftermarket parts) from a Traxxas Magnum 272 transmission.

Expect the kit to cost approximately $30.

Learn more here.

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