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A new player seems to–forgive the pun but we can’t resist–almost open for business. OpenHobby, out of Korea, has launched its website and the biggest news for RC car guys is that a cool new charger and transmitter seem to be among the items OpenHobby will offer.

The charger, dubbed the Zenith, is a 2-port charger. What we really like about this charger is that is a vertical tower which frees up a lot of bench space and has a cool touch screen.

The SJPROPO TS-4 transmitter is a 4-channel 2.4GHz unit with the same touch screen style display as the Zenith. The radio also features a drop style steering wheel.

As Dan has pointed out below, OpenHobby is adding more information to its website. The charger is identified as being manufactured by SJPROPO. Also known as just SJ, this company is also located in Korea. The charger is a DC model, so a separate power supply is needed. OpenHobby shows that the charger can handle up to 7S LiPo packs and charge at up to 20 amps. The charger can also test motors and servos. Each of the two charging channels–it can charge two packs at once–has 20 memory profiles.

The charger will be offered as an AC/DC version that includes a matching tower-style power supply.

The OpenHobby website continues to be populated with product including servos and tools.

Learn more here.

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  1. Charger looks awesome…I’m too much in love with my current Tx though 😛
    Congrats on the scoop…this is the first I’ve heard of this anywhere.
    BTW, I wonder what Propo translates to. Only place I’ve ever seen it is in RC, and this makes 3 Cos now, I think. 😉

  2. Just visited Open hobbys website again and they have put up some specs for the charger!! Looks pretty impressive…if the price point is right ill try one out.

      1. If this charger is half as good as the specs claim, it will be one of if not thee most versitile chargers on the market.

  3. I noticed in the newer edition of a magazine it is now changed to the Polaron. It has been advertised every month since it was announced(December). That is over 6 months advertising, then a name change, still not available. I wonder when(also a bit IF), and for how much, it will be available.

  4. well enough fluff and boner stroking on the polaron chargers bring them to market to i can get one , its been months starting to think their all show no go, i go to openhobby and the site is silly i click on chargers and it just pops up a nice looking touchscreen contoller and jack shhh about a charger , wtf

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