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RC Madness Scale Rock Crawling Fall Point Series Final Comp

Even though we have more access to information and are more connected than ever before, sometimes some great stuff is going on right under your nose and you don’t even know about it. Having raced at RC Madness recently, I knew this large RC facility, owned and operated by Chris Marcy in Enfield, CT, had indoor and outdoor crawling areas, but I did not realize a large group of competitors were meeting weekly for scale comps. Lucky for me, I received an email inviting me to attend the fall series finale. A check of the weather promised unseasonably warm weather and the scale courses I had seen looked promising, so I was off. As it turns out, the promises of warm weather weren’t delivered, but the courses and the competition exceeded my expectations.




Classes are broken down simply into 1.9 and 2.2 groups. Many drivers got double duty out of their RC trucks and entered both classes by simply switching tires. Overall, I was impressed by the number of crawlers that turned out for competition.

Two courses were designed and the two classes ran both courses. The 1.9 class ran course one first. On the second course, the 2.2’s ran first since many competitors already had their vehicles equipped with the bigger tires from the last run.

Unlike most other rock crawling competitions–scale or otherwise–that focus almost exclusively on rock obstacles, RC Madness’ scale crawling area consists of a little bit of everything … and a whole lot of dirt. The end result is the courses offer very realistic off-road challenges.

Sunday’s competition was a standalone competition, but as stated above, it also marked the last in RC Madness’ fall scale point series. After competition concluded, scores were tallied and the day’s winners were announced and trophies were presented to the series champions.

1. John Aniskoff Jr.
2. Coleman Clark
3. Bill Davis

1. Matt Higgins
2. Blinn Bates
3. Pat Keeney


1. Blinn Bates 768 total points
2. Brady Caine 757
3. John Aniskoff Jr. 726


1. Blinn Bates 788
2. Chuck Chidester 781
3. Pat Keeney 435

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      1. yes the second place for the 2.2 r/c madness fall point series should be chuck chidester and the 3rd place should be pat keeney

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