Tip of the Week: 12/9/2012 Plastic Safe Thread Lock

Common question: Can you use thread-locking compound on screws that thread into plastic? Correct answer: No. While there are some products made to work as a thread locker on plastic, we have found one of the best to be ordinary nail polish. Nail polish is safe on plastics–at least we haven’t encountered a plastic that it doesn’t work with–and it dries fast. Don’t use nail polish on every screw that threads into plastic, but if you have one that just won’t stay tight, try a drop. Not only is the polish strong, it dries really fast.

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    1. On the Axial AR60 axles, the plastic-thread lock trick would be a temporary fix. For a long-term solution, I recommend using four standard metric (non self-tapping) screws on each C-hub

      Good luck with your project!

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