Tip of the Week: 12/16/2012 Neat RC Car Storage

If you’re doing it right, your RC trucks get dirty. Getting dirty is fun, but storing trucks with grime on the tires can make a mess of shelves (if you’e organized) or the bottom of the closet or under your workbench (if you’re not too organized). I may not be the most organized person, but I use the standard large, freestanding plastic shelves. These work great, but every time a toss a truck on a shelf it makes a mess as the dirt falls off the tires on whatever is stored below. To solve this problem and contain the debris, I picked up some heavy duty produce boxes (for free) from the grocery store. The kind I grab are for apples and they are reenforced, are shallow and even have built-in handles. When I have a truck that is dirty, I place it in the shallow box until I get around to a thorough cleaning.

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