Tip of the Week: 12/23/2012 End of Your Rope

A functional scale RC winch is one of the coolest scale accessories you can bolt on your RC scale rock crawler. Their operation is pretty straightforward, but there is a simple trick you can do to keep a winch working exactly as you set it up. Often, winches are set up to operate on a switch so that hitting the switch one way causes the winch to spool in and hitting the switch the other way causes the winch to stop and hitting it again causes the winch to spool out. The little trick I mentioned is marking the line so that you can see when it is close to fully extended. Doing this has two benefits. First, when the line is completely out, you have more pulling power, so the mark will let you know you’ve got as much line out as possible. Second, the mark shows you when to stop so that the winch doesn’t start spooling in reverse. RC winches will start spooling in reverse when the line is completely extending. So, if you were spooling out, the line will start spooling in and your switch controls will be reversed.

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  1. Great tip! I recently got my cable tangled because of that exact reason. I ended up having to cut it off. Not wanting to wait for new line, i scrambled around the basement looking for a quick replacement. Ice fishing line. It works great! No stretch, can fit plenty on the spool. I actually like it much better than the original steel line. The line is black, so i will just use a silver paint marker to mark the end of the line.

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