U-Review: Crawford Performance Engineering CYS Hi-Torque Metal Gear Servo

Crawford Performance Engineering is well known among Tamiya Clod Buster enthusiasts, but many more in the RC community are catching wind of Crawford thanks to their $20 high torque servo. The CYS Hi-Torque Metal Gear servo is, as the name states, a metal gear servo. And with 224 oz.-in. of torque at 7.2V, it is, indeed, a high torque servo. When compared to other steel gear servos in this performance range, I think this is a pretty good deal. Despite the “Micro Servo” on the label, the Crawford servo is standard sized so it will fit in any 1/10-scale application. I installed one in a Clod Buster monster truck and it has proven to be completely up to the task of handling steering duties on this big-tired RC truck. It’s also worth noting that it uses Futaba-splined (25-tooth) servo horns.James Ferguson, Maryland

Crawford Performance Engineering

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  1. Is it waterproof? I’m looking for a good high torque servo, and the metal gears on this are very attractive. However, the servo needs to be waterproof.

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