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Axial 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon SCX10 KIT

The kit version is here! Right off the bat, you’ll likely spot the new hard top (also available separately; part no. AX04034).

As it has with previous platforms, Axial hooked the kit version up with aluminum links for suspension and steering. As is expected with a kit, the body is clear.

The shocks are now aluminum and feature Icon Vehicle Dynamics branding. Like Axial’s other SCX10 aluminum shocks (and these parts are all interchangeable), the Icon shocks feature dual springs, threaded bodies, machined pistons, titanium nitride shafts and faux reservoirs. The aluminum parts are, however, polished and clear coated.

Axial Racing

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  1. Any word yet on offical kit price compared to the RTR version??? Sweet idea with the removable roof cap. Now I’ll have made the decision on to buy the rtr, which I almost last week….or buy the kit. Either way, IM itching to drive this thing. 🙂

  2. The kit version of scx10 always blow my mind, just sadly this time they decided not to put the battery tray on the front like the previous model (Honcho)for better weight distribution on the terrains. Is there a way to made that possible with the new model, I’m really love that.

    1. The Lexan roof will be less than $30. How much less, I do not know yet. $30 is the list price, but that doesn’t mean the retail price won’t be significantly lower.

  3. Look up the 2012 jeep wrangler double cab brute. I want to know if theres anything like that available to buy scale wise a little bigger than the normal rc size and faster let me know thanks

    1. That could be built. I would suggest getting a hard plastic body from a 1/10-scale toy. You can dive into making your own creation with some styrene, sharp knives and model glue or pay someone to build it for you.

  4. I picked up a Dingo Kit because this wasnt out yet but now Im thinking I shouldve waited..I havent even opened the kit yet lol…I love the removable hard top. Should be a really good seller

    1. I’d build the Dingo kit, put an awesome paint job on the Dingo body and sell the body. I’d then use that money to buy a new body and stretch the rear wheelbase.

      1. Hmmmm never thought about that…I could get the Rubicon body instead after I stretch it…If I get the Rubicon body I wanted to do some kind of emergency vehicle concept…

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