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Indoor Scale Rock Crawling — RC Madness Style

I have reported on more than a few events at RC Madness in Enfield, CT over the years. In fact, I have been fortunate enough to have attended, participated in and covered everything from the Short Course Nationals to monster truck racing (coverage coming soon) to touring cars to scale rock crawling competitions.


Recently, the scale rock crawling opportunities offered at RC Madness expanded to include an indoor scale area. This is in addition to the tradition rock crawling area that the ECRC Crawlers club regularly hosts wintertime events on.

I recently traveled back up to RC Madness to partake in one of their Sunday scale competitions. But my mission here isn’t to cover a regularly scheduled event. Instead, I hope to showcase a great effort and some well done work and, more importantly, to inspire others who may have access to an area that can be crafted into a scale course. In addition to a surprisingly small amount of indoor real estate, the material you need the most when looking to cure the proverbial winter blues is imagination.

The folks at RC Madness are not letting the cold winter months stop their fun. The indoor scale area they have built is extremely creative. In addition to natural rock and wood, materials such as PVC pipe, artificial grass, plastic packing trays are used to create a variety of terrains.

RC Madness
ECRC Crawlers

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  1. Thanks Mr Higgins for the right up. The scaler course at RCmadness is awsome to run and is open to everyone during the week for practice. And Sunday theirs a comp

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