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Team Losi Racing TEN-SCTE 2.0 Kit

The popular 4WD TEN-SCTE short course truck has been updated and moved over to the Team Losi Racing (TLR) brand.

In addition to being a kit, the 2.0 version features an all-new 3mm hard anodized 7075 machined aluminum chassis, braces (designed for smooth and consistent side to side flex), new carbon fiber shock towers, new shocks, new diff cases, new battery position and mounting and a whole lot more. With the exception of the new diff cups and shock towers, the front and rear clips are essentially identical to the previous generation. Everything in between, however, is pretty much all new. Basically, TRL looked to take a great platform and made it even better.



Team Losi Racing 

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  1. What is the cost? I watched the whole video and price was never mentioned. I just bought the SCTE RTR in early January and I’ve had a great time bashing with it here in Las Vegas. There are only 2 indoor tracks($$) here and out door(free) on the 45 mins. to a hour away so bashing is free. The new kit looks and sounds awesome with all of the hop ups included. Thanks for posting the video. Oh yeah I have already replaced the chassis with the TLR chassis due to the little voice saying “go big or go home”. So I went too big and I went home to order the new chassis. So far so good with new chassis. This looks like a great kit put together. Thank you again.

    1. [TLR03000]

      Available For: $469.99*
      Retail Price: $749.99
      *Avaliable at participating retailers
      Due Mid March, 2013

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