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Vaterra RC Launched by Horizon Hobby

Last week Horizon Hobby released a teaser video that announced an upcoming new brand. The video heavily hinted that it would be a land based. As it turns out, the new brand, now revealed to be dubbed Vaterra, is in fact a new surface brand. The lineup revealed thus far is pretty impressive and covers a pretty wide range.

Brian Miller, Horizon Hobby’s Surface Category Manager, gave us some insider info to share with you.

RC Truck Stop:
What is the back story behind the Vaterra name?

Brian Miller:
‘Va’ means go in Spanish (from Latin ir) and ‘terra’ means Earth or ground. This new surface brand is about getting outside and enjoying these vehicles in their natural environment. Grab a few cars and a few friends and have a great time. It’s about the adventure behind the experience, not just the vehicles themselves. Hence our tag line of ‘Adventure Driven’.

RC Truck Stop:
Why a new, standalone brand as opposed to keeping it under, say, the Losi brand?

Brian Miller:
We crafted Vaterra to appeal to full-scale motorsports enthusiasts, gearheads if you will. A cornerstone to this is offering highly detailed, scale-looking vehicles across the board. Losi is known for great all around performance, but scale vehicles aren’t a perfect fit for Losi. Both brands will appeal to recreational consumers, but Vaterra will be focused on offering scale experiences based on real full-scale motorsports.

RC Truck Stop:
What does the initial lineup consist of?

Brian Miller:
We’re actually launching the brand with seven all new vehicles. These have been in development for over a year, a few substantially more than that. And we are continuing to work on new vehicles and updates to existing ones.

Here are the seven vehicles shipping within six weeks of launch (several will be available immediately):

Glamis Uno Single Seat Buggy 1/8 RTR – Aimed at the sand crowd that enjoys places like Glamis, Dumont Dunes, and even the exotic sand dunes of places in the Middle East like the UAE. Has the scale looks of single seat buggies. Gobs of power and a very drivable 2WD system with viscous torque vectoring technology makes for lots of fun shooting long roosts in the sand or tearing across the dirt. Optional paddles take this experience to the next level.


Twin Hammers Rock Racer 1/10 RTR
 – Modeled after the rock racers that compete in grueling events like King of the Hammers. A shift-on-the-fly 2-speed transmission with 4WD allows you to attack the rocks or blast across the desert. The front suspension is independent and the rear features a 4-linked solid axle. Slated be available in mid February at an expected price $399.99.

The Twin Hammers features a 11.6 in. (294.6mm) wheelbase. For the sake of comparison, the Axial Wraith’s wheelbase is 13.5 in. (343mm).

The 1.9 Losi Race Claws are all new as are the bead lock wheels.

The battery included with the Twin Hammers is a 7.4v 2200mAh 2S LiPo pack.

Interestingly the new Spektrum SR300WP receiver is waterproof as opposed to having to be placed in a bulkier waterproof receiver box.

Kemora Rallycross 1/14 RTR
 – Replicates the vehicles of fast growing rallycross series in the US and Europe with scale looks and great performance. Kemora is a blast to drive across the asphalt, drift across gravel and dirt, or jump over those insane gap jumps. Kemora is named after a famous rallycross track in Finland.

Kalahari Desert Raider 1/14 RTR
 – Fashioned after rally raid vehicles that you might see in the Dakar rally. Same platform as the Kemora, but with a higher, truck-like body that gives you better ground clearance and more wheel travel. Ideal for running over nearly any surface. Named after the famed desert in Africa that has captured the imagination and hosted rally raid events for many years.

V100-S Touring Car 1/10th RTR
 – Uses a shaft driven 4WD system that offers good power with neutral performance out of the box that is ideal for new to intermediate on-road drivers. Can hit speeds over 45 mph with optional lipo, brushless power system, and aluminum driveshaft. Platform will use a number of highly detailed, licensed bodies including a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS, and 2012 Nissan GT-R. These have to been seen to really be appreciated. We’ve include injection molded body accents like wings, mirrors, bumpers, and exhaust tips. Some models include light buckets read for optional LEDs. Larger diameter wheels riding on standard 12mm hexes look modern and house a brake caliper and rotor that spins with the wheels. Basically we wanted die-cast looks that you could have a blast driving on the street or at the track.

All vehicles are ready-to-run, waterproof, LiPo compatible, include Spektrum 2.4GHz radio systems, use Dynamite power systems, and include a battery and quick charger. Replacement and option parts will be available at the time of release of each vehicle.

Vaterra RC
Horizon Hobby


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  1. I can’t stop looking at pictures of that Twin Hammer. Wish it was brushless out of the box, but I guess you can’t have everything. I’m hoping the drivetrain is robust!

  2. Na that 2wd 1/8 Glamus buggy its the sweetest model they have and for $439 with the stuff you get not to bad.

  3. I have the Vaterra Glamis and would like to know what u think of it I took out the stock ESC & motor and put in a Novak GTB 2 & 10.5 adjustable timing motor what do u think of my change

    1. I don’t have any specific experience with the Vaterra Glamis Uno, and while I would concerned with how heavy the buggy is, I would try the motor combo. Use the smallest pinion you have to start and return the motor to near zero timing. Operating temperatures are going to be key. Check out this article to see what temp limits we suggest: Gear Your Truck Correctly

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