Truck of the Week: 2/3/2013 Axial Ridgecrest

Like many of us, James Lindeland likes to mix things up and swaps bodies on his Axial Ridgecrest. James modified the chassis himself with a mix of Axial Scorpion parts. He cut the aluminum chassis of the AX10 Scorpion chassis and used the pieces to move the shocks in more of  upright  position. The electronics are stock, but James upgraded the steering servo to a Savox high torque  servo.  James states that the body is actual a drift car body, but feels it looks good as as a scale truck. MIP driveshaft and Robinson hardened steel gears in transmission. The drivetrain gets further beefed up with the addition of Axial heavy duty gears in the front diff. James has also waterproofed his rig.

Axial Racing
Robinson Racing

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