Truck of the Week: 3/10/2013 Losi LST2 Electric Conversion

Shane Johnson must love big things with big power because his RC truck is a beast. Shane took a nitro-powered Losi LST2 and converted it to electric power. A Tekin RX8 1/8-scale speed control is paired with a Castle Creations CC BEC.

Castle Creations
Team Tekin

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  1. Cool truck! I’m curious how much work it was to convert to electric. I’ve got an old T-Maxx that I considered converting to electric, but it seems like it would be cheaper to just buy a new one.

  2. It wasnt all that hard but I will say the Losi conversion kit sucks. Anyone looking to do this conversion on an LST2 Id suggest using something besides losis conversion kit. the Dudes racing has a great motor mount.

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