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Team Associated SC10.2 Factory Team

The second short course truck I owned was a Team Associated SC10 (the first was a Traxxas Slash). I enjoyed racing this truck because it felt very comfortable to me as a I have raced Associated stadium trucks (and other vehicles from the brand) for years. Not only did I feel at home driving the SC10, it was clearly a race machine. While Associated has changed the SC10 since its original release, the platform faces a lot more opposition now than during the not-so-long-ago dawn of short course racing. To keep the platform competitive, Associated has released new version, the SC10.2 Factory Team. The latest version offers some significant updates. The most notable features include gull wing front suspension arms, 12mm oversized shocks with 3mm shafts, VTS slipper, updated shock towers and a healthy dose of aluminum and titanium Factory Team parts.


Learn more here.

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  1. The SC10 is a brilliant truck, as are just about all Team Associated vehicles.
    What was it like making the change from the Slash to the SC10? I’ve raced both before, however I felt the Slash to be more contertable for my style.

    1. I raced a Slash for over a year before switching to a SC10. The SC10 just seemed a little more nimble and responsive. The flip side is that maybe the Slash was easier to drive. Overall, there really isn’t a huge difference.

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