Tip of the Week: 2/24/2013 Axial Wraith Axle Fix

The Axial Wraith and Ridgecrest both use Axial’s AR60 axles. These wide axles take a lot of abuse, but a very common problem occurs with the self-tapping screws that hold the C-hubs to the axles tubes. These screw holes tend to easily strip out. The first and often recommended fix is to replace the self-tapping screws with traditional machine screws that don’t loosen as easily. That will only work so well when the holes are stripped. While there are aftermarket tubes that insert inside the axle tubes that allow the screws to anchor into metal, a cheap fix that works extremely well is to drill additional holes (one on top and one underneath) and add two additional 3mm machine screws to each end of the axle.

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