Tekin RS GEN2 Electronic Speed Control

Tekin, a name that has been in RC for a long time, has always been well known for high performance and high quality. Priding themselves on high-end engineering, Tekin has understandably updated one of its most popular speed controls–the RS. Now known as the RS GEN2, this speed control is built for 1/10-scale competitive use. Even though the RS GEN2 will get used mostly by racers, its a highly versatile speed control that has optional reverse and can poer brushless and brushed motors. The RS GEN2 also works with sensored and sensorless brushless motors.

> Uses Tekin’s latest and highest quality components
> Highly adjustable and Tekin Hotwire compatible
> Can handle up to 3S LiPo
> “Blinky” mode
> 6V, 5.5 amp BEC (requires Hotwire to setup)
> 8.5-turn (540-sized, 2-pole) brushless motor limit
> 10-turn (forward only) brushed motor limit
> 12-turn (forward/reverse) brushed motor limit
> Forward only, forward/reverse and forward/reverse delay modes

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