Pro-Line Ford F-250 Body For Axial Honcho SCX10

Pro-Line has unveiled a cool sneak peek of its upcoming Ford F-250. Pretty cool!

The body is clearly designed to be a replacement for the Axial Honcho SCX10 shell, but will be able to be used on other crawlers as well, of course.

A close look shows new scale accessories such as a spare driveshaft, air compressor and air tank.

Learn more here.

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  1. that is AWESOME been wanting to put another body on TACO, altho if i put a ford cab on my truck , have to change the name , hmmmm wonder what color …… Thanks Matt!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this info with my, my beat up honcho sure could do for a new bodyshell right now.. This is awesome !

  3. Have it on order, just worried that everyone is gonna have one now. ;(( Gonna be a bunch of fords riding around.

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