Gear Head RC Champ 190 Vintage Style Beadlock Wheels

Gear Head RC has a new wheel design that is all about being old–as in vintage. The Champ 190 is a 1.9″ functional beadlock wheel that is made in the U.S. from CNC-machined aluminum. Both the beadlock rings and the wheels feature machined detail work.

The Champ 190 wheels are sold as a set of four, include aluminum hubs, eight aluminum beadlock rings and hardware. Each wheel weighs 4.4 oz. and is 1.25 inches wide. The offset is -0.250″.

Gear Head RC products are available at Rpp Hobby. The wheels will ring up at $129.99 and you can buy a single–for that spare tire–for $32.99.

Gear Head RC
Rpp Hobby

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