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HPI Savage X 4.6 Updated For 2013

We like racing as much–if not more than the next guy–but despite all the short course hoopla, we readily admit big, built-to-bash monster trucks are the behind-the-scenes lifeblood of the hobby. One of the absolutely most iconic and popular names in RC monster trucks is the HPI Savage. The truck has changed a lot over the years (the Savage 21 was released in 2002). The latest version is the Savage X 4.6 and it has been updated for 2013 with a new multicolor paint scheme on its GT-3 body. The truck is offered in either silver and black or silver and gunmetal.

The key feature of the 1/8-scale Savage is its twin vertical plate (TVP) chassis and shaft driven drivetrain that is made as robust as HPI can make it with items such as sintered metal gears. Other features include:

  • F4.6 engine with ABC construction and 8-port design (rated at 3hp)
  • Oversized fluid-filled coil-over shocks
  • 2-speed transmission for extreme acceleration and massive top speed
  • Dual fiber disk brakes
  • New Roto Start design for easier starting and simple maintenance
  • 2.4GHz radio system with TF-40 pistol grip design
  • Orange-anodized chassis parts
  • Black chrome Warlock wheels and all-terrain tires

Learn more here.

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    1. Good question. I think HPI has restructured a bit since that project first started being developed. That doesn’t mean it’s never coming out, but it isn’t out yet for sure.

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