STL Custom Hobbies Stepped Bearing Installer

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While I love my Losi Shock Matching Tool and my Hudy Limited Edition Allen Wrenches, not all tools have to be complicated or fancy. A good example is STL Custom Hobbies’ Stepped Bearing Installer. This a builder’s tool–made to get the job done and get it done right. Check it out:

For bearings to do their job correctly, they have to be installed correctly. Most people just press bearings in place with their thumb as they quickly build components such as transmissions and hubs. This simple stepped installer allows you to properly fully seat the bearing and make sure it is seated squarely. This prevents binding and allows for better performance.

This tool features eight steps and is machined out of a single solid piece of machined aluminum. It has a little over two-inch long handle section that makes using it easy, but isn’t tool long that the tool takes up more space than it should. The little tool has some heft to it–it’s solid and going to last.

The Stepped Bearing Installer is available directly from STL for only $15.

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You’ve probably caught the theme of simple running through this review. There isn’t much to say about using the tool. If you need its use explained in detail, you probably aren’t building kits or doing any wrenching and thus probably don’t need one. I have used STL’s tool for a few months now and have found it very handy. The hardest part of this tool is remembering to use it. It is very much worth grabbing as it definitely allows you to fully seat bearing without damaging them.

STL Custom Hobbies

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