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Axial Jeep Wrangler Wraith – Poison Spyder

axial poison spyder jeep 1

We’ve been fans of the King of the Hammers race since coverage of the first one made our jaws drop. fast forward a few years and what was a rather under-the-radar challenge has turned into a big deal event with Ultra4 racing really taking off. As you probably know, the Axial guys are real deal truckers and entrenched in the full-scale off-road community. Their relations have led to some really cool partnerships and the latest is this Poison Spyder edition of the RTR Wraith rock racer.

Poison Spyder Jeep Ultra4 Rock Racer King of the Hammers Action

It’s an Ultra4 machine and ready for action. Not only is the Wraith decked out in the official Poison Spyder colors, but is has a new fully licensed Jeep Wrangler body. The new 2.2 beadlock wheels are called Trail Ready because they are fully licensed too. And, the tires are officially licensed BFGoodrich Krawler T/A. These meats are absolutely killer in the real world, so we can’t wait to test the scale versions.

axial trail ready wheels

The Trail Ready wheels are not just a pretty face. In fact, they can be many pretty faces because Axial came up with a new design called IFD or Interchangeable Face Design. Good thinking, guys. The plastic hub eliminates the need for an aluminum hex adapter (and we’ll go ahead and guess aluminum hubs will be offered). Another feature we really like is that the breather holes are adjustable. That is very cool and something we can really appreciate.

axial bfgoodrich tires

Other features include:
> 2.4GHz radio system
> Brushed 20-turn motor
> WB8 (Wild Boar) driveshafts
> AR60 axles
> Speed control preprogrammed with drag brake

axial poison spyder jeep wraith

Learn more here.

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  1. My only issue is it is just a reskined wraith with new tires and wheels. I love axial products don’t get me wrong. But I do not feel right spending another $400 on a body and tires and wheels. I will by the tires wheels and body if I can. It is a very nice looking setup. Just my .02

    Ill probably end up buying one as I already have 3 wraith based scalers.

    1. at $400.00 thats a bit pricey for something made entirely of plastic ,gimme a metal cage and i`m sold .

  2. re-releasing an existing truck with a slightly different look? kind of a traxxas move…. but a new tire is always nice, even better when they come out in axial’s soft compound

  3. hello, I’m in Indonesia at borneo island, can u tell me how i can buy this product? where i can do payment for direct delivery, but not via credit card, thks before

    1. That is a great question. You may want to look into PayPal as an alternative payment method and if that doesn’t work, look into old fashioned money orders. PayPal and eBay may be the best solution. If you do an online search for hobby stores in Indonesia some do pop up. Not sure if any are near Borneo, but I imagine shipping would be much better coming from a location closer to you. Check out this to start: http://www.myrcstore.com

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