ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case Review

proteck case review

You probably (i.e., hopefully) don’t need to be told that electronics such as an RC transmitter don’t take kindly to abuse (e.g., getting dropped or rained on), but the vast majority of people don’t really take care of their RC radios. Whether it’s a bare bones unit or a computerized pro model, you need to treat that pistol grip with care if you want consistent performance. Putting it in the trunk or in a bin with your other gear as you drive to the track or to your favorite bashing spot is no good. Leaving it on your pit table or work bench waiting to get knocked to the ground is also a bad idea. So, that leads us to our current topic of conversation, the ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case.

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The ProTek case is a large aluminum box (it measures 14.5×10.75×7.75″) that has all of its edges and corners reinforced with some pretty stout plastic. The hinges and latches are all metal and the latches lock with the included key. They aren’t messing around with this case. As you can see for yourself, the outside is adorned with the ProTek logo, and that three color logo is on both sides.

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What makes this case “universal” is that the foam interior is sold separately and interchangeable. You pick out the foam appropriate for your radio and it comes perfectly cut. If you get a new transmitter, maybe upgrade to a different model or switch brands, just order a new foam interior piece. Since radio cases like this aren’t cheap, it’s nice to have one that doesn’t become obsolete when you get a new transmitter. In addition being cut out to snugly hold your transmitter, the interior foam has numerous other cutouts for extra items such as extra receivers and batteries. The cuts are made in the foam, but it’s up to you whether you want to pull out the cut plugs or not.

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The case costs $49.99 and is available directly from A Main Hobbies (ProTek is a A Main Hobbies proprietary brand) and the different interior inserts are $14.99.

Currently ProTek has the following air and surface radios covered, but certain inserts may work with other transmitters:

  • Airtronics M11X
  • Airtronics M12
  • Airtronics MT-4, MX-V
  • Airtronics RDS8000
  • Airtronics SD-10G
  • Blade HP6DSM
  • Futaba 3PL
  • Futaba 4PK, 4PKS, 4PKS-R
  • Futaba 4PL
  • Futaba 10CG, 6J, 6EX, 7C, 8FG, 8J
  • Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro, Aurora 9
  • Hitec Optic 5
  • Hitec Optic 6 Sport
  • JR 11X, X9503
  • JR 11X
  • JR 12X
  • KO Propo EX-10 Eurus
  • Kyosho Syncro KT-201
  • Losi LSR-3000
  • Radiopost TS401
  • Spektrum DX2S, DX2E, DX3S, DX3C
  • Spektrum DX3R Pro
  • Spektrum DX5e, DX6i, DX7s, DX8

I have used the ProTek case for the last few months and it has, as you would expect, performed flawlessly. I haven’t just owned it for a few months, I have really put it to good use attending weekly crawling competitions and a few out-of-town trophy races. The point is the case hasn’t just sat on a shelf. It has been tossed in my car’s trunk with all other RC gear many times and offered the best protection my transmitter has ever known. I have far more confidence in this foam-linned hard case than the padded bag it replaced. It takes up more room, is more expensive and is heavier, but it offers substantially more protection. The quality seems good, well worth the investment and, thus far, I have been impressed. Do be carefully when installing the appropriate foam liner as the existing liner of the case is only lightly glued in place. Just take your time and gently insert the foam and you will have no issues. The case isn’t magically universal, but the fact that ProTek R/C offers a slew of different foam inserts is a huge plus in my books. Should an Airtronics guy find himself switching to Futaba or vice versa, he will appreciate having a non-radio company branded case that is adapted to his new radio by simply switching out the foam interior.

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