PROTOform Better Edge System Sanding Drum

protoform perfect edge sanding 3

Why did it take so long for someone to come out with this? Kudos to PROTOform for finally thinking this one up. Like thousands of you out there, we use a sanding drum to clean up our wheel wells. We’ve doing this for, well, ever. The thing is we use a sanding drum that is probably less than a 1/2-inch in diameter. PROTOform’s Better Edge System Sanding Drum has a 1.5-inch diameter. That’s massive in comparison and makes it much better for smoothing out RC body wheel wells.

protoform better edge 2


protoform better edge sanding drum 1

Aside from the sanding band, the device is made out of aluminum with a steel shank. The shank (or mandrel if you like to get technical) is 0.125″, so it will work with just about every handheld rotary tool.

Learn more here.

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