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Losi 5IVE-T Roller

losi 5t roller chassis

1/5-scale trucks are at the top of most every RC wish list and Losi’s still relatively new 5IVE-T, with its 4WD drivetrain and race-inspired suspension, is a top pick. Those wanting to go electric or install a high-zoot engine have had to buy the full RTR and rip out perfectly good equipment in order to install the parts they want. Most take the unused components and sell them, but Losi knew it could make outfitting a modified 5IVE-T a lot easier with a roller version and that’s just what they’ve done. The roller doesn’t include electronics or a gas engine. All the other components such as the brakes and fuel tank are there, but the engine and electronics are left up to you.

losi 5t roller 2 losi 5t roller 3 losi 5t roller 4

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