Axial Metal Gear Set

axial heavy duty transmission gears

What’s stronger than plastic? If you guessed steel then you’re a genius or maybe just have good sense for the obvious. Either way, you’ll be happy to know that Axial now offers heavy duty transmission gears for the SCX10, AX10 and Wraith. The three gears (sold as a set) are CNC machined steel and also hardened for maximum strength. Whatever type of power you’re putting in your Axial rig, these gears are made to handle it.

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    1. Yes, they will fit all of the SCX10 vehicles, so your Honcho can be hooked up. The install process is pretty easy. Two set screws will disconnect the driveshafts and only four screws hold the transmission in. The stock motor is disconnected by pulling the bullet connectors apart. After that, give the transmission a good cleaning with a toothbrush so that no dirt falls inside. Break out your manual to help you take the trans apart and put it back to together. You can do the whole thing during one episode of The Game of Thrones.

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