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Killerbody RC Short Course Truck Body and Interior

killerbody short course opener

At this point, we generally don’t get too excited about new short course truck bodies. We’ve seen it all . . . or have we? Check this out! The Killerbody RC Short Course Truck body is pretty wild and certainly not your average shell. This body has some cool lines and an aggressive style, but it’s also a detailers delight with a bunch of cool add-ons such spare tire straps, dual Lexan spare tires, side mirrors, light buckets, fire extinguishers, cages and one of the coolest interiors sets we’ve ever seen.

killerbody assembled killerbody cage killerbody clear interior

killerbody interior killerbody interior box killerbody short course

killerbody slash 4x4 rear bumper killerbody slash front bumper killerbody window net

The body is available clear, but also in a variety of finishes.

Like the body, the interior is available clear or fully detailed.

The front and rear bumpers look to be a direct fit on the Traxxas Slash 4X4.

It looks like Killerbody RC is going to make a big impact in the hobby.

Learn more here.

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