Hitec HSB-93XX Series Servos


Hitec is one of the best known and most trusted names in servos. We’ve used many of Hitec servos and have had especially satisfying results with the titanium gears. One of their latest lines is the HSB-93XX Series that have Neu Castle brushless motors and titanium gears. So far, there are three models–high speed, multipurpose and high torque.

The high-speed model, the HSB-9360TH, has a transit speed of 0.08 and a torque rating of 236 oz-in at 6.0 volts. Speed ratings are even better on 7.4 volts.

The HSB-9370TH is the multipurpose model and delivers a speed of 0.12 seconds and 347 oz-in for torque.

The high-torque version, designated the HSB-9380TH, has a respectable speed of 0.17 seconds and a strong 472 oz-in torque rating.

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