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2013 RC Madness Scale Truck Club Spring Fling

spring fling opener

Winters can be long in New England, and when the snow finally melts, the white stuff–actually kinda brownish-gray by this point–is replaced by rain storms. The RC Madness Scale Truck Club scheduled a “Spring Fling” trophy scale rock crawling competition and ultimately got lucky with the weather. RC Madness is a large hobby shop located in Enfield, CT with multiple areas to race, fly, rock crawl and have fun with RC–both indoors and out. Recently, a freshly paved on-road track was added, so a portion of the outdoor scale crawling area had to be moved right before the Spring Fling scale comp. This proved to be good fortune for the club as a new and much larger crawling area was carved out just in time for the first big event of the year.

spring fling 2


spring fling 3 spring fling 4 spring fling 5


spring fling 10 spring fling 11 spring fling 12

The Spring Fling offered two classes–Class 2 and Class 3. Class 2 is your typical 1.9-sized tire equipped truck and Class 3 trucks most often have 2.2-sized tires and are allowed dig or rear steer.

Three courses were constructed for the event. The first was an extremely challenging rock garden course that only one Class 2 vehicle finished. The bigger, more capable Class 3 vehicles didn’t fair that much better with only three competitors making it through the last gate.

The scale trail course was more of the typical challenge scale rock crawlers face at RC Madness for the weekly competitions, and the so-called speed course was similar to the scale trail course but slightly subdued and was, as expected, a quicker course.

class 2 top three

Overall Winner: Matt Higgins
2nd: Tony Roldan
3rd: Rich Ruggiero

Course Winners:
Rock Course: Brady Caine
Scale Trail: Brady Caine
Speed Course: Tony Roldan

class 3 top three

Overall Winner: Blinn Bates
2nd: Tony Roldan
3rd: Chuck Chidester

Course Winners:
Rock Course: Blinn Bates
Scale Trail: Blinn Bates
Speed Course: Blinn Bates

spring fling 1


spring fling 7 spring fling 8 spring fling 9

spring fling 6

After the competition concluded, the action was anything but over. Many participants stuck around for just-for-fun trail rides and a few tried their luck with the fully operational sled pull. These pulls even took place on a groomed pulling track.


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  1. Matt: Can you give me some information on the scale crawling at R/C Madness, when, times, classes 1.9 and 2.2 scale, etc. I can’t find any information as to who to contact. I am building at this point and should be done soon Thanks for your help. Love the site.

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