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Rock Crawl Mania 2013


When people think hardcore full-size rock crawling competitions, they usually think west coast, but the sport is alive and well on the east coast and across most of the country. In fact, it’s not only nationwide, there are even some serious wheelers tucked up in quiet New England. Case in point, Cheshire Fairgrounds in Swanzey, NH, outside of Keene, has played host to a few rock crawling competitions in recent years, and with each event they perfect what they have to offer. The latest was the Rock Crawl Mania 2013.


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The Rock Crawl Mania 2013 featured a long and very challenging rock garden as part of the course. In the past, competitors have asked for more rocks and, well, they got what they asked for. The rock portion was long, full of tire swallowing holes and there was simply no clear line. As a result, few of the many trucks competing finished the entire course.


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Trucks were arranged in three classes: Street for modified-but-street-legal trucks, Modified for trailered off-roaders and Open for buggies and tubers.







While the full-size action was enough to get us there, we were really in attendance to setup and participate in the RC demo. The RC demo provided a fun way to expose the RC hobby to the perfect audience. The Rock Crawl Mania 2013 was well attended and, as usual,  the uninitiated were blown away by how capable RC rock crawlers are.


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