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2013 No Limit RC World Finals Race Coverage


The No Limit RC World Finals is a truly unique RC event. It’s a racing competition–of which there are many in the hobby–but this one, now in its eighth year, focuses on oversized monster trucks with the addition of some short course truck action, sled pulling and even wild mud racing. It’s clearly not your average race based on the itinerary alone, and the “World Finals” goes completely next level when you add in that the whole thing takes place at Diggers Dungeon owned by the driver of the very famous Grave Digger monster truck, Dennis Anderson.

starting line

The monster truck racing at the World Finals consists of bracket style side-by-side competition. When you win a one-on-one race, you move down the bracket and on to the next round. So essentially, the action goes down in the same manner as an Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam event.

The truck pulling used a fully functional weighted sled and nitro and electric trucks saw action. The mud runs, known as Hill N Hole racing, take place on a sloppy course full of bumps and jumps. James Ferguson, RC Truck Stop’s on-the-scene reporter, said that the truck pulling was very big this year and that the classic “Pro Mod” class is making a comeback.


This year, the track varied from previous layouts and threw some competitors a surprise. Instead of the down, back and back down layout, the trucks ran on a bigger layout that had sweeping turns throughout, sustained high speeds–no U-turn style turns. Instead of being a race of acceleration and whipping trucks around tight turns, this track really tested a driver’s ability to drive fast and drive cleanly.

James reports that many drivers had to alter their driving style for the new track and those who were accustomed to traditional track racing clearly had an advantage. Overall, this led to some new faces on the podium. James added the Hill N Hole mud racing was exciting and clearly fun for participants and spectators.

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four engine nitro truck grave digger ironman puller

parma booth


4×4 Pro Mod Electric Monster Truck >> Bari Musawwir

4×4 Small Block Nitro Monster Truck >> Joey Shelton

4×4 Brushed Electric Monster Truck >> Gabe Gravini

Traxxas Monster Jam >> Ryan Gattis

4×4 Pro Big Block Nitro Monster Truck >> John Schultz

4×4 Big Block Nitro Monster Truck >> Sonny Santucci

4×4 Brushless Electric Monster Truck >> Travis Mowery

Pro Stock HPI Wheely King >> Kevin Willetts

2WD Short Course Tuff Truck >> Ronnie Santucci

Kids Novice Class >> Peyton Smith


4×4 Brushless Electric 
>> Travis Bowery

4×4 Brushed Electric Monster Truck >> Pat McDonawak

4×4 Pro Nitro Big Block >> Junior Hailey

4×4 Sportsman Big Block >> Cody Airey

4×4 Unlimited >> Junior Hailey


World Champion
 >> Scott Davis

Novice World Champion >> Jayden Doyle


Best Representation of a Full-size Monster Truck >> Andrew Marcinkowski

Best Paint and graphics >> Junior Hailey

Best of Show >> Junior Hailey

Shelf Queen >>Bob Hull

King of Bling >> Bob Hull

Dennis Anderson Off the Hook Award >> Bob Hall

Best Chassis Design >> Zeek Heard


Electric World Champion
 >> Shannon Santucci

Nitro World Champion >> David Baker


World Champion
>> Josh Simmons (38′ 3″)


jump with drivers stand king sling puller mud run

mud start

All photos and additional reporting by James Ferguson

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  1. It was definitely a great time down there…my first year competing and finish second in Pro Mod..Met a lot of nice people as I did the year before. Dennis is a great guy, he walks around from tent to tent and just hangs out with people like he knows them…Bari (driver of Spiderman) hosts the event and always does an awesome job..very nice guy as well.

    The racing was very unique..a Figure 8 course for World Finals 8. Everyone’s driving style was thrown out the window and slow and consitant was the key for the weekend. The Pro Mod class definitely turned sum heads this year and should be even bigger next year. I would love to see more guys from the RCMTC series come down and make the Pro Mod class even bigger!

    All in all it was a great weekend and I cant wait for World Finals 9!

  2. I certainly learned that punching the throttle off the line was NOT ideal for this style of track. Lesson learned. ..And the sled pulling competition was mind blowing! I can only imagine what the mad scientists behind it all will come up with next year!!

        1. that is a clodtalk member , you can find him on the site. he can direct you with the painter.

          Great Job!! Great Coverage!! i so can not wait till 2014. every day i am working on my truck and slowly getting it ready, hard to be leave that it was just a aluminum sheet that set around for 10 years in my cabinet at work, and is now a rolling monster. still tons to do , but its articles like this that FUEL me to do more and more.

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