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ECX Ruckus Brushless Monster Truck

ruckus opener

Horizon Hobby introduced the ECX lineup of vehicles (originally known as Electrix) to offer RC beginners hobby-grade products that were affordable and easy to use. In a short period of time, the lineup has evolved and is now, in our opinion, not just for the new guys. Case in point is the monster truck of the ECX stable, the Ruckus. Gary Katzer of Horizon Hobby gave us the full scoop and a little history lesson on the 2WD truck that just got the brushless treatment. This Ruckus is actually the fourth version. The first improvement gave the truck a 2.4GHz radio system, waterproof electronics and Horizon’s proprietary EC3 high-current connector and a jump from a 20-turn motor to a 15-turn motor. This second version is still available for around $160–while supplies last. The next generation gave the Ruckus a whole new look with a much cooler body and graphics (subjective, but we’re confident everyone agrees), satin black wheels (also much cooler) instead of chrome, new tires, Spektrum radio gear, a 2-amp peak detention charger to juice up the Dynamite Speedpack 1800 mAh NiMH battery (goodbye, slow wall charger) and heavy-duty driveshafts. This version costs approximately $170.


The newly announced brushless Ruckus will be offered along side the non-brushless version. New graphics help it standout, but the best part of the package is the Dynamite Tazer 3300 Kv 4-pole brushless motor matched with metal gears in the transmission. The 4-pole design means it should have plenty of monster truck appropriate torque. The radio system is the DX2E 2.4 GHz transmitter with waterproof SR201 receiver. ECX includes a Dynamite Speedpack 2400 mAh NiMH battery, but the Dynamite Tazer 45A Sensorless waterproof electronic speed control can handle a 3S LiPo battery and we’re betting this truck would be a blast bash around on 11.1 volts. Like speed control and receiver, the Dynamite servo is waterproof.

ruckus chassis

If you are unfamiliar with the Ruckus platform, it is a high clearance (raised center chassis) 1/10-scale 2WD monster truck made strictly for fun bashing–the type of truck made popular by the Traxxas Stampede. The Ruckus features long-travel front and rear independent suspension and full ball bearings.

The brushless Ruckus should be available in early September for approximately $290.

Learn more here.

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  1. I would like to just share my opinion.
    Which is: this truck is very nice; I like it, but, in my opinion Matt, this is an off-road racing type truck.
    Not a monster truck.
    Your Clod Killer truck, that is a monster truck.
    This is not.

    1. I hear what you’re saying (it’s not mechanically a scale representation of a monster truck), but by RC definitions it is a monster truck. The RC definition takes a lot of license. RC monsters can be 2- or 4WD, solid axle or independent, just need big tires but not necessarily scale version of 66″ Terra tires.

      Thank you for reading and thanks even more for sharing your opinion.

      1. hi matt, you seem to be quite knowledgable , me and my son are newbies , have an ecx 4×4 ruckus, the controller dyns 2210 is broken , we need a replacement , new is $45, where can i get a used one,maybe fr someone who upgraded to a brushed, ?

    1. Find the throttle trim and see if you can adjust it until the wheels stop. That should do it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to set the throttle sub trim (if the radio has it) and trim to zero and recalibrate the speed control. Different brands are calibrated a little differently, but they are all pretty eay and the process should be clearly outlined in the manual.

  2. I have the brushed version. True that this is not a scale looking vehicle. None the less, many of the beginners using it will be young and to them, it will be nothing but a monster. I think this truck is a glorious bashing platform. I hope that some companies will see the potential and provide after market parts for this brand.

  3. Nice Chris. I love mine too. It may not have all the expensive parts, but it handles so well regardless. For a backyard basher, it’s great.

  4. I bought the ecx ruckus a few months back and am very impressed with it… I also have a arrma granite that I upgraded to a brushless system and I love the improvements… Is there any way to upgrade the ruckus to a full brushless system?

  5. Ecx does sell the parts for the upgrade. Not too expensive. Metal gears. 15 bucks I believe but don’t quote me. I also have both and love them also.

  6. To follow up on that, I was able to do a side by side of the brushed and brushless version of the ruckus. The only differences I can see are the motor, esc, and metal gearing. Other wise this truck is the same. I have bought the upgrade for my truck (metal gears). I plan on putting a castle sidewinder 2, brushless system into it. I will likely need to upgrade the drive shafts eventually. I read somewhere that someone had success with traxxas stampede driveshafts, with slight modification.

    Again though, the brushless edition of the ruckus is the same, but for the motor, esc, and metal gearing. Hope this helps.

  7. I have the ruckus brushless, I keep breaking the rear drive axles..
    First the left, then the right
    Both are stock

    I run a 3 cell lipos battery inside

    Is the 3 cell the issue? too much power?

    and do they make steel drive axles? or should i replace the gear with metal also?


    1. I just purchased the brushless ruckus ecx and keep breaking the plastic drive shafts and just bought a set of metal ones and don’t know how to install them can anyone help me?

  8. yes matt, that was the part, and it broke about 4 diff times on 4 diff days and runs.. now i have the metal replacements, and they are fine, its now, the plastic rim stripped in the wheel well, where the bolt goes in.

    Can I get a good alloy tire and rim set for the brushless ruckus?

    And I havent replaced the plastic transmission gear yet,, should i do that too?? will that break next?

    1. Glad to hear the metal ones seem to have solved the problem.

      I would go with aluminum wheels on a go-fast basher for a few reasons. The added weight of the aluminum wheel will wear out drivetrain components such as bearings and axles at a much faster rate than composite plastic wheels. Aluminum wheels also do not have the ability to bend back to their original shape when impacted. Plastic wheels do. I would suggest getting some high quality wheels from a company like Pro-Line.

      I’m not sure if the plastic gears will break, but if it was my truck and I was running brushless, I would get the metal gears and use a high quality grease when rebuilding the transmission.

  9. I bought the Ruckus Brushless version at RCX a couple weeks ago. Literally within 5 minutes of using and doing a couple of jumps and sound like the gears had stripped happened and the truck would not move. Any idea what that might be? Also, says no refunds on the receipt of course, feel totally ripped off.

    1. Remove the gear cover and check the pinion to spur gear mesh. It’s adjustable and sometimes a hard landing can bump the motor and attached pinion gear out of position. Check that and post back; we’ll get you going!

  10. The back wheels on my ruckus 1/10 brushless electric monster truck won’t turn but my engine works do you no what the problem is

    1. You will need to determine the problem by process of elimination. Start by quickly checking the gear mesh. If that isn’t the issue, remove the motor and check the external gears (pinion and spur), axles, and wheel bearings. If none of those are the problem, it’s time to take the transmission apart.

  11. so, Matt your good with Ecx huh? can you tell me why the stock Speedpack 7-cell 2400mAh Ni-MH is a PIECE OF S***? i bought the brushless ruckus and literally charged it once drove great then the second time after it charged the truck isn’t getting full power, and after i turn the ESC off and on couple times it goes fast for few moments but then goes slow again like it has a dead battery when it just charged?? my truck is fine cause with a lipo it mashes. but with my stock battery the truck barley even drives half the time and I’ve had it for two damn days… please help,.,.

    1. First things first, have you contacted ECX customer service?

      Is the battery getting warm when you charge. A NiMH pack will noticeably increase in temperature when it’s fully charged.

      Are you running the NiMH in LiPo mode? That often causes a problem.

      You may also just have a bad NiMH pack. It happens. I’d talk to ECX and see what they have to say.

    1. The Stampede has a ton of factory and aftermarket support, but the Ruckus is a newer design. Their designs are fairly similar. I’d make a decision based on local parts support and, well, which one appeals to you most. That said, I like modifying a vehicle, so I’d lean towards the older-but-better-support Stampede.

  12. Matt…bought the Ruckus for my boys. The stock NiMH 1800mAh battery lasts only 15min of use. Bought the NiMH 5100mAh battery and it provides better power and speed, although it lasts only a few minutes more than stock. How long would you expect the 5100 battery to last vs the 1800 with similar use? Would a LiPo battery upgrade last longer? Trying to extend the usable time to 30min if possible. Thanks!!

  13. I bought a ruckus rc car from a buddy. I switched it from a regular engine to a brushless system. I bought everything’ brand new for the regular transmission and put new gears in. I bought a brand new battery to go with the new brushless system. Charged the battery and now it won’t run? Any suggestion on how to get it running correctly?

  14. I put a radiant reactor brushless system on my ruckus and have been breaking rear axle parts almost every time I run it, along with bearings. I’ve ordered the oversized carriers and wanting to put the Star Drive Steel set from Hot Racing. After Adding those and the oversized carriers, where will the next weak spot be, or what breaks next. Also, I think that I’m not getting the full speed with this motor. How can I tell if I am, and at what temp is the max for that motor?

  15. Basically, with the brushless 2wd ruckus, what parts are most important to upgrade with aluminum or metal parts? I know that the wheels and trans gear will go out when I go install the heavy duty slash drive shaft.

    BTW, I just found this site and its been very helpful. I’ve enjoyed reading your commentary

  16. I have a 1/10 Ruckus 2WD Brushless Monster Truck, when I try to turn on the ESC, it tries to kick on but the little red light goes right out. Am I going to need a new ESC or is there something that I can do too get it working again?

  17. Hi i have a 1/10 2wd ruckus and im just wondering if there is a rear diff lock kit or another kit under a different brand that will work. Thanks

    1. Hey Robbo, I did some quick searching myself and couldn’t find any type of diff locking upgrade, however if your looking for more resistance and better take off, adding a thick diff lube to the inside of the diff gear and spider gears will help this. If you want to go extreme, you could try what others have like hot glue or JB weld and really lock it up. Remember, whatever you use to “hold” things together, stuff like JB weld and other epoxy will be more permanent than other ways. With only two internal spider gears, you have a bit of room to work with and still reverse it down the road if you want to. Other wise, buy an extra diff gear and internals and epoxy it up, that way you could change back and forth.
      Hope this helps.

  18. Hi I have this truck And my steering is messed up and I don’t know what the settings should be on and I just can’t get it right please help

    1. Hey Carson, sorry to hear you having troubles. Can you give us more information on the steering issue? Matt and I can try and help out the best way we can. If pictures are required for further assistance and understanding you are welcome to email us so we have a better idea on the problem.

  19. I have a ruckus brushless with metal gears it don’t have same take off power seems to slip a lot I tightend up the slip but nothing pinion is tight and ok what can I do

    1. The slipper may be worn out. To help figure out what is slipping, grab both rear tires and have someone give the truck throttle. Make sure you won’t get hit by the truck. The nose should lift up. Or, you could skip the test and just take the slipper apart and inspect it. The pads might be worn out or glazed over. Is there any noise when accelerating?

  20. Hello Matt

    My oldest son just got himself the Ecx ruckus then coupler days later it was only running the front wheels. The back wheels will roll but will not engage in the four-wheel-drive .

    What is the problem
    Can you in advance

    1. Do the rear axles spin when you hit the throttle? If they do, it may be the drive pins or the hexes that snap over them. If the do spin, it might be the rear diff ring and pinion gears. If not there, you might have to remove the rear diff assembly. Good luck and let me know if you need any more help

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