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Axial Has Close Encounters of the Jeep Kind

easter jeep safari

It’s no secret that Axial Racing is well connected in the real off-road world (from Currie to Poison Spyder, they’re even turning all of these guys into RC enthusiasts). Since off-roading is part of their lifestyle and invaluable in bringing you the products they do, the guys at Axial rub elbows and share trails with many of the most hardcore off-road companies. They also happen to have built a great working relationship with Jeep. At this year’s Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah (the ultimate place to wheel a Jeep), Axial took the opportunity to talk with Mark Allen (Head of Jeep Design) and Ray Durham. Check out the link below to see what these guys think of Jeep, off-roading, the RC hobby and Axial’s take on their product.

Mark Allen Jeep Ray Durham Jeep


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