LRP to Open LRP America


This may be the least surprising breakup in the history of breakups. It has been announced that Team Associated will no longer distribute (selling and servicing) LRP products in North America as it has for the past 18 years. Team¬†Associated–owned by Thunder Tiger of Taiwan since 2005–and LRP of Germany have earned numerous IFMAR World Championships over the years.

With Team Associated’s Reedy brand regaining some its momentum and launching more electronics products and LRP offering more vehicles, there is a tremendous amount of overlap. An independent LRP will be far better positioned to import a large amount of its lineup (8,500 products!) that have never hobby store shelves in the U.S.

The companies have stated that they will still continue a racing partnership. LRP America, Inc. will be located in Southern California will be a full service entity performing marketing, product service and race support for an expanded product range in North America. LRP America is said to be operational on September 1, 2013.

Learn more about LRP here.

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