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Monster Energy Team Associated SC10RS

monster energy sc10

It’s ready-to-run, brushless and has a Monster Energy Toyota body on it. We dig it. The highlights include aluminum shocks (not threaded), Reedy 3300 Kv sensorless brushless system, 2.4GHz radio system, sealed radio box, gear differential, full ball bearings, Deans Ultra Plug, an absolutely awesome body and three national championships under this platform’s belt.


If you’ve just come out from under a rock to check out short course, the SC10 platform is a 2WD truck with independent front and rear suspension. It’s a light and nimble truck that was one of the first to hit the scene. It’s based on the B4/T4 design and has seen numerous running changes/improvements over the years. It really isn’t showing its age at all. Plus, there are a ton of awesome Factory Team and aftermarket parts to further upgrade the truck.

reedy-3300kv-motor.ps_md sc10rs-hex-wheels_md XP2G_md

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