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Traxxas Telluride 4X4

traxxas telluride opener

I find this new truck interesting for many reasons. First, I really didn’t see it coming. Who doesn’t like a surprise? Second, I think the concept is just cool. I personally love the hybrid basher/off-roader idea. Last, it’s interesting because vehicles like this are more polarizing than the last presidential election. That reminds me. I have to look up who won that.

Anyway, Traxxas has unveiled its new Telluride 4X4 (cool name). It’s based off the Stampede 4X4 platform, but achieves its new stance via short arms and a new SUV-style body. Many crawlers guys are going to hate it. I, however, love it. I do. I love it. Why not? I’m a sucker for a truck I can get a lot of use out of. This things looks perfect for ripping around the driveway, blasting across the lawn, navigating a dirt trail and scratching and clawing up some rocks. Sounds fun to me.


It’s not super scale, but I could see adding a little of this and that. I’m telling you right now, Traxxas, you need to come out with wipers, side mirrors and a roof rack for this truck. The roof rack already fits your M.O., but branch out and add those other items. Trust me. They’ll sell. We’ll also need a clear body. Traxxas, you need to up your game on the availability of clear bodies, by the way.


Back to the Telluride. As you expect from Traxxas, it’s fully waterpoof. It includes its 12-turn motor (plenty of torque) and a 2.4GHz radio system. It has the same modular design found on the Stampede 4X4 (and the longer Slash 4X4 for that matter). The differentials have wisely been tuned (i.e., filled with thicker 100K wt silicone fluid) for better traction off-road, which fits in great with Traxxas new Ready-to-Explore tagline.

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I wouldn’t get too hung up on whether it’s a true scaler or if it can rock crawl at a comp. It’s made for fun and clearly well equipped for that mission. Oh, and Traxxas says you can pick one up for under three bills. We like that!

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  1. My opinion was torn on this truck. I wanted an all new design from traxxas for some time and when reading the stats on this truck I was disappointed at first. A brushed stampede 4×4, with a ugly body and every cheap part Traxxas makes. Then I realized that I wanted a bash truck to accompany my modded slash 4×4 that was A. waterproof, B. easy to work on C. Cheap enough to fling off half pipes without crying as my slash is none of those things. I was looking at helions, ecx and hpi’s but didn’t pull the trigger cause it didn’t feel right. So I thought hard about this Telluride, it has everything I asked for, I already have parts for it so my pit bag will be much smaller and it has the mods I would do, i.e. diff oil, no center diff. Well thanks to traxxas they have made my decision easy, I will be picking one of these up real soon and with advertised prices around 250, Im sold.

    1. Come on Traxxas, Im sick of the Traxxas only bodys, they are hideous, get the support from the auto manufacturers and make bodies that inspire us. I give you an A for effort but it’s the first thing I’ll change and then it won’t say Traxxas on it when I’m running it in the park. Im thinking a Proline K5 Blazer is in order.

      1. you give them an a for effort? they just swapped some parts around, put short course tires and short arms on a stampede, then removed some features like metal driveshafts and adjustable links.

        that would be like giving them an a for effort for the 1/16 rally…which may taken more effort

        and how can it have short course wheels/tires and be called a trail truck? with the size of the knuckles, im not sure 1.9 or 2.2 wheels will even fit, not sure tho. to me this truck is a sign they wont be making a solid axle anything in my lifetime.

        i also think the body is horrible, w a lousy paint job, and it ride too high. maybe, maybe w a custom paint job and decals it could ok

        i just expect more from the leader of the industry. not every design has be brand new, but sometimes it looks like theyre not even trying. it must be nice to work in traxxas’s r/d department.

        1. I disagree, Jon. I am certainly no Traxxas fanboy, and while this release is more for the basher in me than the scale aficionado, I do like it.

          I agree about the paint job, but the shell looks fine to me. Give me one in clear that I could do a simple paint job.

          I am not concerned that this isn’t a solid axle rig and I never expect them to come with one.

          The tires don’t bother me as you can use Pro-Line Trencher tires in M3 with open cell foams until someone comes out with something more scale.

          Thanks for checking out the article and sharing your opinion.

          I would love it if Traxxas made remotely operated lockers for this similar to what is offered in the Summit.

  2. I have this vehicle and I am very pleased with it. A lot of people said it cant keep up with like the twin hammers, honcho, and other crawlers. But my buddy has a twin hammers and the perform about the same, but the twin hammers has much better suspension and tires. it has the speed to get up most hills and thick obstacles, and has a wonderful 4wd system, and awesome steering. If you want to do serious rock crawling, put some nice piggy back integeys on it, and super swappers with a couple other mods, and I assure you will have a crawler.

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