U-Review: 1.9 Pit Bull Rock Beast Tires

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This longterm U-Review test was conducted using an Axial SCX10 Honcho for a duration of well over a year. I read all the reviews, and heard the complaints. It was not till I read the RC Truck Stop review, that I decided to buy a set for my Honcho. When I got the Pit Bull tires, I was immediately impressed with the scale appearance and the softness of the compound. It was also readily apparent that the aggressive tread pattern would be great for traction. What I didn’t like was the “pooch” of the tire sidewalls, so I trimmed back the firm black foam insert, which gave the tire a scale low air bulge.

I have now made over 175 runs on the tires (my definition of a run is draining a full battery). I can honestly say these are the best tires I have ever bought in my 25 years in the hobby. The only issue was a small slight one. A small tear in the sidewall, and that was due to driver error. I was a little too throttle happy on some jagged rocks. but a quick tear down and gluing of both sides of the sidewall has fixed this issue and held up to many runs.

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I found the Pit Bull tires to perform exceptionally well on beach sand, trails (dirt, leaves, branches), rocks and gravel. I’d give them solid A+ grades on all of those surfaces. If you don’t have a set of Rock Beasts, you’re missing out. If you would like to see more, I have made a photo album and shared it on RC Truck Stop’s Facebook Page.--Chris Marsh, North Carolina

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  1. The set you got may have been before we/ Pit Bull tires remade the mold the thicken the sidewall. The first gen are a little thin and tore in situations like you got in. The new tires about 6 months are thicker. They also side hill a little better. Also if you got a set of Crawler Innovations double duce foams the tire will work even better. Weigh your rig first. Then buy.

    Hope this helps everyone.

    Nice write up by the way.

    1. Thanks, Richard. the foams that come in the tires are AWESOME! it was a personal thing with the pooch, but with the cut on the black foam, the soft foam mushroomed , and grip like CRAZY!! going to get a set of 2.2s and if the rumor i hear was true a set of SC[2.2/3.0] for my trucks!! WISH that Pit Bull Tires would do a Clod Tire. with the compound that you have it would be an AWESOME Tire!

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