CKRC Crawlers Wraith Hood Hinge Kit Review


Have you ever wanted to give your Axial Wraith even more of a scale look? Of course you have. There is a lot of options to choose from out there as far as customizing options and upgrades. With myself, I’m all about inexpensive but practical upgrades. Options that fit into this category are a lot few in number. But fear not, if you’re like me then you will like what the guys at CKRC Crawlers have come up with. The folks at CKRC Crawlers have a cool kit that makes it easy to add a functional hood to an Axial Wraith. The kit was created for original Wraith, but with a little use of the brain on my part and a little cutting here and there, I managed to make this small-budget-but-big-improvement upgrade fit on the new Axial Jeep Wrangler Wraith Poison Spider edition. Take a closer look.


The kit, which costs less than $4, includes:

  • Two pinch style collars (Hinge loops)
  • Four steel washers
  • Two 3×8 mm button head screws
  • Two 3 mm lock nuts
  • Two 3 mm body pin mounts
  • Two small body pins

The directions are pretty straight forward and anyone who has cut out and mounted a Lexan body to an RC vehicle can do this with relative ease. Here are the tools you will need to install the kit:

  • Body hole reamer *recommended or  (electric drill with 3/32 & 2.4 mm and 7/32 drill bits)
  • Lexan body scissors (if cutting body)
  • Pliers
  • 3/32 & 5/64 Hex drivers

jeephood6 jeephood5 jeephood4

jeephood3 jeephood7 jeephood8

Overall, I find the hood hinge kit to be very practical in that you can easily access the front of your wraith for a number of reasons (e.g., repairs, battery access if the battery is moved up front). For each one of us, the reason we might want this kit may be different, but the bottom line is when you have a body that wraps around the entire rig and is bolted down, working around the cage is awkward enough at times, so making it easy to get to things in the chassis just makes sense. This great modification is well worth the effort, and you can’t beat that it looks cool at the same time. Yes, you could source these parts yourself, but the kit from CKRC  Crawlers takes out all the guess work and is less than $4.


*Warning: protective eye wear should always be worn while drilling and cutting. Always use caution when operation equipment with small moving parts. 




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  1. I had seen this kit on a forum somewhere else, first time seeing it on the jeep body however. I’ve typically seen it with a regular wraith panel body. Nice job Christopher. Looks cool. Are you going to be putting the battery up front at some point?? Pondering on getting a Wraith myself. The poison spider does look cool. I read the review you did, I have my credit card ready…. just not sure.

    BTW you guys rock on being original and real. Not so much hype and more real info and thoughtful articles. I always check back to see what’s new.

    1. I’m sure Chris will chime in, but yes he will be mounting the battery up front. I’ve done this to my Wraith and love the mod. It’s less convienient, but greatly improves the performance of the Wraith platform. Chris will be using CKRC’s kit.

      Thanks for the kind words, Garry. Glad you’re liking what you’re seeing. We sincerely appreciate the feedback.

  2. Thanks, Garry, We try to work hard to be a reliable and down to earth type of place to get your RC fix and info, and yes, we do think our articles and write-ups through. I appreciate the support and thank you for checking back so frequently to see what’s going on.

    As far as the Wraith Jeep is concerned, yes it was an original idea to put the hood hinge kit on it so early after the initial release and review of the Poison Spyder edition, but I also think it turned out pretty good considering the whole front of the Jeep body restricts everything up front. Yes Garry, I have moved the battery up front since the article was published. I’m happy to report that the battery up front has made a difference and is worth the work to make it so. If you are wanting a Wraith, the Poison Spider Edition is a nice touch to any RC collection. It’s still a Wraith like before but as you read in the review there was some wheels and tires change up too. I’m not sure what else you have but if your looking for a good all around crawler the Axial rigs are top notch and Axial has been on top of there game for a few years now and keep getting better. The choice it obviously ultimately yours, I know Matt and I enjoy our Wraiths. Hope this helps, and Thanks again Garry for all the support. If you every have any questions or comments you know where to find us. 🙂

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