Crawford Performance Engineering Barbarian Chassis


Solid axle monster truck fans are well aware of Crawford Performance Engineering (known as CPE or just Crawford). These guys have been dedicated to the segment or niche for the long haul. Their latest release is something we really dig. It’s called the Barbarian and it’s a chassis conversion for the Axial Wraith or Ridgecrest that turns it into a solid axle monster truck to compete against the like sof the Tamiya Clod Buster and TXT-2.

The chassis is made out of laser-cut 1/8″ thick aluminum. The wheelbase can be adjusted from 13  to 13 1/2 in. when using the stock Axial upper and lower links. The chassis includes multiple shock mounting positions and will work with Axial’s shocks or similiarly sized shocks. Crawford explains that they designed the Barbarian to use as much of the stock Axial parts as possible, which allows for ease of replacement parts and maintenance.

The Barbarian kit includes two chassis plates, one transmission plate, one battery plate (for use with stock Wraith battery box), one electronics plate, six aluminum chassis braces, a body mount kit, and a stainless steel hardware package.  To complete the conversion you will need to an Axial transmission, axles, battery box, and stock Axial mounting hardware. Upper and lower links can be purchased separately.

When asked about sway bars, Brett Crawford, owner of Crawford Performance Engineering, said, “The chassis is designed for a future sway bar option. Using stock axial shocks, they are not required.”

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    1. Since this would be a custom truck, it would depend on how much the builder wants to charge for his time and what options you decide you want. Many hobby shops will build a truck for, but be prepared to pay for the labor. I suggest you contact JCM’s RC Customs. Here’s a link. Good luck!

  1. Tech question. This set up. Would like to build it for the purpose of bashing. 30-35mph. Is this practical or would I destroy the drive assembly. Could a wraith and custom chassis handle those speeds for the purpose of bashing?

    1. The chassis should be able to handle it. I would be completely surprised if it failed. The Wraith drivetrain can handle high output systems capable of the speeds you want. I would consider upgrading the drivetrain as you go along. All metal gears with a lot of high quality grease (all metal gears don’t always outlast plastic gears), heavy duty motor plate, front universals, etc. etc. The good news is there is a good amount of aftermarket support for the Wraith.

      1. Excellent Matt thank you. I was in a shop here in Michigan. All of those things were there. The drive train was one that I looked at. So I am glad I have those options. I looked at the wraith Spyder and it looks awesome. I appreciate the imput. It’s nice to have a resource like this web site. Cheers.


  2. So, can you basically take a complete Wraith and swap everything over? Would this be a good set up for someone new to the MTs?

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