2013 King of New England Scale Competition at RC Madness

king of new england

I have never been so excited for an RC event as I am for this one. If you live in New England, you should be too! Mark your calendars and get ready to have some fun Saturday October 26, 2013. This is a tough truck style competition, so you can expect to face a variety of challenges from an obstacle course, hill climb, sled pull, etc. These stages will be run simultaneously and you get to choose the order you want to run them in. It’s $20 for the first class and only $10 for the second. In addition plaques for the winner of each stage and plaques for second and third for each class, there will be trophies for the winner of each class.

Stages Planned to be Run (subject to change):

  • Obstacle Course

  • Frame Twister (shorter, harder obstacle course)

  • Sled Pull

  • Hill Climb

  • Vehicle Recovery (timed event for flipping over a rolled vehicle)



one nine two point two

To learn more about this type of event, click here.

Facebook Event Page here.

Visit RC Madness here.

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  1. Was a great event, scalers from all over,5 great events,lots of nice trucks Thanks Matt for putting on this event…

      1. looking for the pics and the video of that great event. had a great time lots of fun thanks so much for haveing it looking forward to more like it .

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