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G-made Sawback Scale Rock Crawler


You may or may not know the G-made name (sometimes also just Gmade). They are a small company located in Korea and they have come in and out of the spotlight on occasion. Their R1 rock buggy caught a lot of attention as have their new line of adjustable shocks. What really might be the item that thrusts into mainstream is this new Sawback scale truck. Clearly modeled after a classic Willys Jeep, the Sawback is built on a new scale platform, the GS01 chassis. The truck isn’t available yet and few hard facts have been released. The wheels are stamped steel SR 03 wheels (it looks like they have a few other styles coming out too).

From what we can see and from what we know of G-made, we’re going to say the Sawback will be something like a mix of a RC4WD vehicle and a Tamiya scale vehicle. The chassis has that all-metal look, but the axles are reminiscent of Tamiya 1/10-scale axles.

sawback 3 sawback 4

sawback 2

Learn more here.

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  1. That’s a pretty short wheelbase, excellent for jeeps or samurai’s should be some neat builds coming out of this one. Neat! 🙂

  2. I am an antique car guy and vintage military jeeps have all ways fascinated me !!! maybe one day I will own one ! But for the time being hopes for a new sawback with some scale additions will have to suffice ???? When do you think the local hobby shops will be getting them ??? I will only support real shops were you can fondle stuff and get real help !!! If we all shop on line they wont be there when we need them !!! Go to home deopt and ask the pimple faced kid for help ??? Mom and Pop hardware stores are dropping like fly s So are hobby shops ??? JUst food for thought !!! And I really would like to know when the sawback will be available ??? VIC

    1. RC Madness in Enfield, CT has already had them in and some locals have picked them up. I don’t know about stores near you, but the Sawback is fully available right now. I like your loyalty to local hobby stores–we’re with you on that!

  3. Well Matt just pulled the trigger now its all in the mail mans hands !!! Hoping for a speedy delivery !!!

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