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Vaterra Halix 4WD Monster Truck

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Vaterra hasn’t been around for all that long. The Horizon Hobby offshoot brand, meant to create a synergy between RC and full-size for enthusiasts, made a big splash by announcing a pretty well rounded fleet of on- and off-road vehicles all at once. The Twin Hammers arguably stole the show, but there have been some cool on-road releases since the initial unveiling. Now, Vaterra seems to have an off-road vehicle that is on par with the Twin Hammers. We’re talking about the Halix 4WD monster truck.

halix chassis overhead

Like other Vaterra vehicles, the Halix features waterproof electronics. It also features a shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain, so at 1/10 scale it is a natural competitor for the Traxxas Stampede 4X4. And, we just love a natural rivalry. Back to the drivetrain, the front and rear diffs aren’t your typical differentials. The Halix features VTV differentials that are said to  prevent wheel spin on loose surfaces during cornering or getting on the throttle. It’s designed for smooth actuation and consistent feel. It is also fully sealed and can be fine-tuned using different weight silicone fluid.

AVC (Active Vehicle Control)
AVC is a Spektrum feature and is electronic, real-time, automatic traction and stability control that assists or improves steering and throttle control–that’s a mouthful, but gives you a good idea what’s going on.. This setup is pretty sophisticated and fully (and thankfully easily) adjustable from the transmitter. A special version of the Spektrum DX2E allows you to dial in the amount of assist you want. Every experienced driver will immediately claim hogwash, but being able to dial in how much assist you want–if any–allows you to readily experiment and see for yourself if you find it beneficial.

halix body on

Other features include 4-wheel independent suspension, adjustable slipper, clutch, composition plastic chassis, raised center section design for ground clearance, directional tires, 2.4 GHz Spektrum radio system and Dynamite Fuze potent 4-pole 540-size 3300 Kv brushless motor system that Vaterra claims delivers speeds of up to 55+ mph when powered with a 3S LiPo battery. The expected price is $430.



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