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Axial Deadbolt AX10

axial deadbolt ax10

You have got to give Axial credit. They come out with some cool stuff and certainly have proven they march to their own drummer. Case in point is the new Deadbolt AX10. If you are an Axial fan and/or crawling enthusiast you know that Axial gave the AX10 a major redesign when it released the Ridgecrest in 2012. The original hit the scene in 2007. The “new” AX10 uses AR60 OCP axles that we saw first on the Wraith platform. It basically has the same suspension as the Wraith and  it also uses a new molded plastic chassis. The Ridgecrest is a solid performer as it really isn’t all that different than the Wraith. What it lacked for some people is cool factor. Well, problem solved.

Axial deadbolt skull head

The Deadbolt brings the cool and then some. The body–while technically generic–is far more scale and just more inline with what we’ve seen the crawling and scaler crowd drawn to. The Lexan body is reminiscent of a modified classic body style off-roader (read: it looks like an early Bronco). The body, however, is dovetailed at both ends meaning it’s narrower at the front and back than in the middle. On top of that body is a molded plastic roll cage. The highlight is probably the helmeted skull head driver. The torso and arms are part of the Lexan body, but the head is a separate hard plastic and is interchangeable. Axial even includes two other heads if your personal tastes don’t call for a safety conscience skull driver (he has goggles and a helmet, but is presumable dead). Anyway, we dig the skull, so it’s staying. The other two helmets are an open face and a full closed face helmet.

axial deadbolt ax10 bronco body

axial deadbolt roll cage

Like the Ridgecrest, the Deadbolt AX10 is fully RTR and includes all the same components as its predecessor. Axial’s electronics are well matched for the AX10. The AS-3 servo is metal geared (thank you, Axial) and the AX-3 radio system is 2.4 GHz. The AE-2 speed is our personal favorite in the package as it comes preprogrammed with drag brakes. It can only handle a 2-cell LiPo (what the vast majority of people have anyway), but we love the drag brakes and throttle feel. The 20-turn motor is as simple as it gets, but it too is a great match for the AX10.

axial ae-2

Besides the body, the other big difference between the Deadbolt and the Ridgecrest is the Deadbolt includes Axial’s licensed Maxxis Trepador tires on all black Raceline Renagade 2.2 wheels.

Price is expected to be between $330 and $350 depending on where you buy it.

We wanted to learn a little more about the Deadbolt and presume you do too, so we tossed a few questions at Axial. Here’s what they had to say for themselves:

RC Truck Stop:
Who came up with the Deadbolt concept?
Axial Racing:
Axial’s very own R&D Industrial Designer Jamie Seymour is the one that came up with the idea to do a modern take on a classic truck.

RC Truck Stop:
Was the unique skull idea part of the original concept?
Axial Racing:
The skull idea was something that Rodney Wills came up with during one of the design review meetings.

RC Truck Stop:
Was the Halloween timed release purposeful or pure coincidence?
Axial Racing:
Pure coincidence!

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